Most commonly tendonitis is associated with inflammation of a local tendon. In may be classified as either Acute or Chronic. Acute tendonitis is usually associated with excessive use of a joint resulting in overworking the tendons involved with that joint. Also, excessive loading (lifting too much) may have a similar effect.


Chronic tendonitis is often associated with long term loading and overuse with no management in place. Often this results in degeneration (wear and tear) of the underlying joint impacting the biomechanics (the way the joint can move) and further exacerbating the condition.


At Your Osteopath we have success in treating both Acute and Chronic conditions with a regime of manual treatment, needling and electrotherapy, taping and bracing and exercises to initially improve range of motion of the joint and later prevent recurrence of the condition.


Most involved tendons are those of the shoulder, elbow, knee ankle and wrist.