Why Stretch?  When you get stressed out your neck muscles and shoulder muscles seem to get scrunched up (yes that is a very Osteopathic term lol!) meaning you tense up these muscles throughout the day.  Even if the mental stress goes away these muscles quite often stay shortened and tense so releasing them off a few times a day can make a huge difference.

  • It can help to prevent musculo-skeletal headaches
  • Your less likely to experience pain and injury if you have a consistent stretching routine
  • It reduces stress and tension, making you feel calmer
  • It also increases your overall flexibility

Even if you don’t work at a desk all day, the amount of pressure we put on our neck from texting is enough to cause tension, so give these stretches a go – they also help to calm your mind.

These stretches are meant as a preventative to release tension before you find yourself with pain, if your neck is really bothering you best to book an appointment to have it diagnosed and treated.

My top 3 stretches are here – the video only goes for 2 minutes!

Have a great day

Dr Dave