Osteopathy may be helpful to maintain a pain free lifestyle as you get older.

Osteopathy is a form of physical treatment that may be suited to dealing with the stresses and strains associated with the ageing process. It may help older Australians to regain lost mobility and flexibility, and useful in reducing the levels of pain and discomfort caused by arthritis. In addition, Osteopathy may also bring relief to patients recovering from surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement operation.

A natural ageing of the body’s joints occurs as we get older – causing pain and stiffness. Many people simply learn to live with this, believing it to be untreatable. But Osteopathic management may be able to help.

As we age our joints and soft tissues lose elasticity and become less mobile – leading to an increased chance of injury or strain. And unfortunately with age, recovery time from these complaints may take longer.

Osteopathic treatment may assist with joint and muscle stiffness, back, neck and arm pain, hip and knee pain as well as stiffness, arthritis and joint swelling. It may also help to relieve pain from chronic conditions such as degenerative joint disease.

A further area in which Osteopathy may be helpful to seniors is in aiding recovery and recuperation after a surgical procedure. For patients who may have undergone a hip or knee replacement operation, for instance, Osteopathy may be useful as a patient begins to recover. This is because Osteopathic treatment is designed to ensure that the body’s parts function in unison, and the techniques involved are designed to increase and enhance mobility, essential when recovering.

Osteopaths will always advise that patients seek appropriate medical advice and treatment alongside any Osteopathic treatment, and will refer patients back to their GP if a problem is not suitable for Osteopathic treatment.